You’re here because you’re a DREAMER

CurEnt Group is the world’s premiere curated entertainment group, providing one-of-a-kind, exclusive A-list experiences and access - personalized and worldwide. Our job is to invoke curiosity, and help to inspire our clients push beyond boundaries. We set the stage for life-changing moments and forever memories.

We open the doors to the behind-the-scenes world of music, TV and movies, sports, fashion, culinary, and beyond. Over the years, we have developed a broad network spanning every continent, empowering our clients to engage in experiences without borders.

Don't just attend an event....go from spectator to curator, with CurEnt!

Changing the way we PLAY HARDER

We’ve been making waves in the music industry since before the world knew what streaming was. Now, we’re on a mission to make music personal - from securing the best seats in the house to hanging out with your favorite artist in the recording studio. How about that selfie with Post Malone? We push boundaries in the industry to make your musical dreams come true. We are CurEnt, and this is where curated music experiences begin.


Changing the way we CHEER CLOSER

Imagine standing next to Roger Federer while you capture the moment to show the world on social. Picture your favorite soccer team crushing their arch rival on the field, as the haunting roar of 100,000 voices fills the stadium. No matter your sports experience dream, CurEnt will do the extra to make it happen. That’s a promise, and that’s a promise we’ll keep.


Changing the way we FEEL FINER

No longer is the privilege of attending fashion events reserved for a select few. Trust CurEnt Group to get your foot in whatever door you want, from highly coveted Fashion Week shows to backstage passes to meet the models, private shopping experiences with your favorite designer, and beyond. You name it, we’ll make it happen - making the fashion world just a little smaller.

Event Production

Changing the way we CELEBRATE BIGGER

From small backyard get-togethers to epic corporate outings, branded parties, and everything in-between, we produce more than just events. We set the stage for unforgettable memories, keeping everything running like clockwork so you can achieve your professional objectives or personal goals. We help our clients get from A to Z, without having to endure the whole alphabet, because unique events deserve unique attention.


Changing the way we MOVE FURTHER

We’ve partnered with some of the most respected names in the travel arena to make your wanderlust dreams as real as you and us. While traveling can often seem more like a chore than a hobby, we dare to dream - reaching beyond the traditional to create customized itineraries just for you. Our job is to curate and create your ideal travel experience, scouring your desires with a fine-tooth comb so you can make Insta-worthy memories.


Changing the way we GIVE WISER

We believe in the power of giving back. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the most inspiring, hard-working philanthropic organizations to make a real difference - with results that are clear to see. By working with CurEnt, you’ll be making a difference in more lives than one.


Changing the way we DREAM BOLDER

We are inspired by dreams. Nelson Mandela once said, “it always seems impossible until it’s done.” We make the impossible possible, every single day, turning our clients’ requests into realistic, actionable goals. Daring to dream is the only way to make any progress and move closer to the future you envision, after all.